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He will not fail, nor mock, nor disappoint thee;
His consolations change not with the years;
With oil of joy He surely will anoint thee,
And wipe away thy tears.
--J. Danson Smith

Sometimes the Lord rides out the storm with us and other times He calms the restless sea around us. Most of all, He calms the storm inside us in our deepest inner soul.
--Lloyd John Ogilvie

When we speak of knowing God, it must be understood with reference to man's limited powers of comprehension. God, as He really is, is far beyond man's imagination, let alone understanding. God has revealed only so much of Himself as our minds can conceive and the weakness of our nature can bear.
--John Milton

There is nothing, indeed, which God will not do for a man who dares to step out upon what seems to be the mist; though as he puts his foot down he finds a rock beneath him.
--F. B. Meyer

Our circumstances are not an accurate reflection of God's goodness. Whether life is good or bad, God's goodness, rooted in His character, is the same.
--Helen Grace Lescheid

It's exciting to live in complete oneness with the will of God. It is never
dull or static because it is not a one-time, once-for-all commitment. It is
something we have to work at constantly, moment by moment.
--Evelyn Christenson

There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful than that of a continual conversation with God.
--Brother Lawrence

What else will do except faith in such a cynical, corrupt time? When the
country goes temporarily to the dogs, cats must learn to be circumspect, walk on fences, sleep in trees, and have faith that all this woofing is not the last word.
--Garrison Keillor

Through waves and clouds and storms
His power will clear your way;
Wait for his time; the darkest night
Shall end in brightest day.
--Paul Gerhardt

God will not be absent when His people are on trial; he will stand in court as their advocate, to plead on their behalf.
--Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Nothing takes God by surprise. He knows the future and can therefore guide us through its trackless ways.
--W. T. Purkiser

You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are.
--Max Lucado

The secret of the mystery is: God is always greater. No matter how great we think Him to be, His love is always greater.
--Brennan Manning

The hymns are right. Peace is like a river - moving, turning, plunging
forward, carrying us downstream. It's not a static resting place, but an
attitude of heart and mind that enables us to relax and let the current bear us up. Sometimes we don't want to go with the flow. We get comfortable where we are. We'd prefer to dig our heels into the riverbed and refuse to budge. But if we're to live in peace, we need to accept the movement of the stream. The only peace we'll ever find that does not involve change is the final "rest in peace" on our tombstone.

The good news is, God knows where the river's going. The Lord's control, not our own, enables us to accept what we can't see and be at peace with what we don't know.
--Penelope J. Stokes, "Beside A Quiet Stream" (Nashville: J. Countryman, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc.), 199

Be assured, if you walk with Him and look to Him, and expect help from Him, He will never fail you.
--George Mueller

God can change our circumstances, but sometimes He waits for us to show real desire for change as well as our faith in Him.
--Anne Graham Lotz

If you feel stuck, bring your whole self to Christ, not just the problem,
but you. Ask God to change your heart. Commit yourself to pray to that end. It's God's heart to give good gifts to His children.
--Sheila Walsh

Don't trust to hold God's hand; let Him hold yours. Let Him do the holding, and you the trusting.
--Hammer William Webb-Peploe

No affliction or temptation, no guilt nor power of sin, no wounded spirit
nor terrified conscience, should induce us to despair of help and comfort
from God.
--Thomas Scott

Why do so many Christians pray such tiny prayers when their God is so big?
--Watchman Nee

God Himself works in our souls, in their deepest depths, taking increasing control as we are progressively willing to be prepared for His wonder.
--Thomas Kelly

Hidden in the hollow
Of His blessed hand,
Never foe can follow,
Never traitor stand;
Not a surge of worry,
Not a shade of care,
Not a blast of hurry
Touch the Spirit there.
--Frances R. Havergal

If we wait upon God, there is no danger. If we rush on, He must let us see the consequences of it.
--John Darby

You can come out of the furnace of trouble two ways: if you let it consume you, you come out a cinder; but there is a kind of metal which refuses to be consumed, and comes out a star.
--Jean Church

The stars may fall, but God's promises will stand and be fulfilled.
--J. I. Packer

The most glorious promises of God are generally fulfilled in such a wondrous manner that He steps forth to save us at a time when there is the least appearance of it.
--C. H. von Bogatzy

Just when I am disheartened, just when cares oppressed,
Just when my way is darkest, just when I am distressed,
Then is my Savior near me, He knows my every care;
Jesus will never leave me; He helps my burden to bear.
--J. Bruce Evans

There's nothing like a good crisis to increase my energy and remind me how much I need God.
-- Anne Christian Buchanan

When we commit ourselves to times of solitude with the Lord, we cannot know what will happen... How we will change, in what directions we might grow. But we can be certain that time with God will result in something good, something beneficial for us and for those around us.
--Penelope J. Stokes

Prayer is more like listening than anything else-- being quiet in God's
presence, waiting on God until we know what to do.
--David Roper





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